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Poster: jrblevin Date: Sep 2, 2005 10:18pm
Forum: web Subject: accessing a site that has had a URL change

I'm having the following problem. I'm trying to access an old page on, but lookup was purchased by Yahoo at some point. When search for

in the WM, I get a few hits. But when I click on one of the archived pages, it tries to send me to

The URL I get redirected to is

even though the link I click is

Any ideas on how I can access this page?



Reply [edit]

Poster: gojomo Date: Sep 6, 2005 11:02am
Forum: web Subject: Re: accessing a site that has had a URL change

At the date you have chosen, the URL you are seeking to access must have been responding with a redirection to the second URL. The Wayback Machine will reproduce the same redirects that were received by the archiving web crawler.

- Gordon @ IA